Plastic Surgery in the Spotlight of South Korean Celebrities

Korean surgery

South Korea is a country that places a high value on physical appearance, leading to it being recognized as the global center for plastic surgery.

The country is also known for its successful K-Pop music and Kdramas, where it is not uncommon for celebrities to undergo cosmetic procedures to improve their physical features.

1. Park Bom

A member of the female group 2NE1, Park Bom. Although she started her career in 2006, she made her stage debut in 2009 as 2NE1’s lead vocalist.

She allegedly underwent a plethora of operations, including at least two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, facial remodelling, and perhaps breast implants. She also appears to have lip fillers.

2. Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na, a well-known Korean actress and DJ, gained notoriety when she portrayed the main character in the drama Queen and I in 2012.

She initially entered the entertainment business as a trainee singer before joining YG Entertainment as a prospective actor. It appears from pictures taken earlier in her career and now that the actress had surgery on her jawline and eyes.

Her jaw has changed from being round and flat to being sharper, and her eyes look to be bigger.

3. JooE

The lead rapper and dancer of the girl group Momoland, also known as Lee Joo Won, is JooE, also known by the name Lee Joo Won.

She began as a competitor on the reality series Finding Momoland, where she placed fifth, making her eligible to join the band.

She has represented the Baker beauty line as a brand ambassador in addition to being an idol.

Regarding physical improvements, JooE is upfront about undergoing rhinoplasty during her freshman year of high school.

4. Kim Ye-Won

Kim Ye-Won, who is best known for being a member of the girl group Jewellery, has admitted to having plastic surgery on her face.

Her face appears slimmer in current images compared to those taken earlier in her career.

She said the only cosmetic procedure she had was on her nose.

She has acknowledged that she underwent ear surgery as well, but claims that it was necessary due to an infection and was done so to enhance her hearing.

5. Hong Soo-ah

Hong Soo-ah’s role as an actor in the comedy series Nonstop made her famous.

It was revealed by this doll like actress that she underwent double eyelid surgery, and that the procedure had a significant negative effect on the development of her acting career.

There are rumours that she has undergone additional procedures, but she has refuted those claims.


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