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What To Do When You Feel Lonely ?

What To Do When You Feel Lonely

No matter how active their social life appears to be, loneliness is a feeling that can strike anyone at any time. It’s that constant feeling that something important is missing from your life. What To Do When You Feel Lonely ?

Fear not, though, for loneliness is an emotion that everyone encounters occasionally. The good news is that there are numerous approaches to taking it head-on.

Thus, if you’re feeling extremely alone, the following recommendations can undoubtedly cheer you up:

Let it Out

Sadness is a sign that you’ve forgotten to pour your heart out every so often. Our health takes a toll when we fight our strong emotions, like sadness, instead of acknowledging them.

There’s an array of ways we can flip the feeling of sadness into contentment and peace. The procedure to un-sadden yourself starts with having a cry, venting to a loved one, or spilling the beans out in a journal.

The ancient trick of writing your woes on a piece of paper and burning them works wonders in cases where your sadness is entirely cause-based.

Sherlock Holmes the Cause

It seems as if the modern human was programmed in such a way that we never, even for a fleeting moment, consider going over the queue of events that gave us the feeling of a heavy heart. What To Do When You Feel Lonely ?

I have occasionally bothered to genuinely trace the triggers of sadness, and guess what? I’ve found the cause and, hence, the solution.

Everyone’s tolerance power has a ceiling, and when the limits are reached, we explode with anger or sadness, but taking a minute to identify the OG cause can create a space between you and your sadness, making it twice as easy to deal with.

Selectively Share

I’m all in for a “privileged information” approach to sadness which is to redound from people’s company but not letting them know what’s up with you. Not everyone should know about your predicament, but they can still help you overcome it.

Many of us don’t like to share details of our problems because we don’t want to be the mood killer or stressor for others, but casually hanging out with them or scheduling a leisurely video call can pull you out of the sadness pit.

Not letting them know you’re okay, but acting like it’s the middle path to a solution that helps you forget your blues and heal you deeply

Fuel your Body and Mind

A fast lifestyle combined with a feeling of blues can damage our established routines for wellness and fitness. This gives our negative feelings the oxygen and blood to stay strong and live longer.

By giving the feeling of sadness too much attention, we dwarf our need to move past it. Prioritizing sleep, a nourishing diet and exercising can make us whole again. And it’s simply a bus that carries us to the permanence of happiness without any transfers.

Get on the “Hobby” Bus

Sometimes, dejection is a mirror reflection of neglect in our life. It is likely that we’ve procrastinated for too long, a creative project, for example or forgotten a hobby. See this as a notification from your inner self that things are gliding like butter on toast and or simply a call for self-care.

Set your creative side free, whether it is dancing, painting, traveling and see it do the magic on your skin.

Professional Support

REMINDER: You’re not the not alone in this. If sadness maintains, seeking professional support is your out. The constant overwhelming feeling of getting sucked into the black hole of depression should be treated by professional hands.

Let them equip them with the tools and strategies that will be tailor made for your needs. It can serve as a permanent solution to the non-stop poking and set the stage for moving forward in a healthy manner.


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