Alice Cooper Discusses Depp-Heard Trial Impact on Hollywood Vampires’ Tour

Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper
Photo: Instagram/alicecooper

While conversing with Vulture about the tour, Cooper, mentioned that he had never tuned in to any part of Depp’s televised trial in Virginia, where Heard was found responsible for making defamatory statements related to her 2018 article on revealing abuse allegations.

Alice Cooper, a member of the band, Hollywood Vampires, shared that Johnny Depp’s legal situation with Amber Heard wasn’t a prominent concern during their recent tour.

Cooper responded to a question regarding potential reservations about touring with Depp, stating that Depp seemed to treat it as a past event, focusing on the music instead.

He said, “Not at all. If you talk to Johnny about it, it was something that happened,”when asked if he ever felt “hesitancy” to tour with Depp. “He was just like, ‘Yeah, yeah, what’s the next song?’ For Johnny, it was one of those things where … you can’t say it got blown out of proportion, but I don’t know why they would televise the proceedings, right?” Cooper added.

Cooper expressed his uncertainty about televising the trial proceedings, attributing it to the fame of the individuals involved. He remarked that the trial was never a topic of discussion during the tour due to the lack of interest.

Cooper also highlighted his belief in Depp’s eventual victory, given the support from his former partners, and he didn’t follow the trial closely. He mentioned switching it off due to the exaggerated Hollywood nature of the situation.

Cooper formed the Hollywood Vampires alongside Depp and Joe Perry of Aerosmith in 2012.

The band toured the UK and Europe from June to July, a year after the televised trial. Cooper humorously suggested a remake of “War of the Roses” featuring Johnny and Amber, along with their lawyers portrayed by Angie and Brad, envisioning it as a blockbuster with the right director.

The legal outcome saw Depp being granted $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, later reduced to $350,000 as per state regulations.

The jury also awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages for her counterclaim.


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