Andy Cohen Drops Bombshell: John Mayer and I Share a Love Like No Other!

John Mayer
John Mayer
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On the episode of “The Howard Stern Show” aired on Wednesday via SiriusXM, Cohen openly professed his profound love for Mayer, expressing that their feelings for each other are reciprocal. During the course of the show, Cohen went on to disclose that their relationship has never involved any form of sexual intimacy.

Stern then questioned Cohen, seeking his assurance by asking him to swear on his children’s lives that nothing of a sexual nature has ever taken place between him and Mayer. In response, Cohen wholeheartedly affirmed, “Yes, I do. I swear.”

It is worth noting that Mayer has actively participated in significant events in Cohen’s life, such as attending his son’s baby shower, speaking at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in February 2022, and serenading Cohen on his 50th birthday.

These instances have intrigued fans, leading them to ponder the nature of the bond between the two celebrities. In December 2022, during an appearance on “Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi,” Cohen shared insights about Mayer, describing him as someone who possesses a remarkable emotional awareness.

According to Cohen, Mayer quickly began expressing sentiments of love early in their friendship, going beyond what societal norms dictate for straight men. Cohen added that Mayer is unafraid to proclaim his love, cherish their friendship, and engage in heartfelt conversations that might be considered unconventional for heterosexual men.

Throughout interviews, speeches at the Hollywood Hall of Fame, and their Instagram posts, Cohen and Mayer have openly discussed their friendship, occasionally revealing memorable moments from their time spent together, even in virtual settings. Despite this, fans of both individuals have continually speculated about the possibility of a romantic or sexual relationship between them.

Following Mayer’s performance dedicated to Cohen on his birthday, the host of “Watch What Happens Live” found it necessary to clarify that they were not involved romantically. However, he admitted that he understood why fans might have assumed otherwise, given the exceptionally close and loving bond they share.

In a 2018 interview with CNN, Cohen elaborated, explaining that their constant togetherness and profound affection for each other naturally led people to make such assumptions.


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