In Riyadh, Neymar is introduced as an Al-Hilal player

Credit: Twitter

Brazil’s Neymar is a well-known football player. He scored a lot of goals while playing for Brazil’s national team.

He’s currently one of the world’s top players. He had played for a French team called Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He relocated there from a club in Spain named Barcelona.

He was incredibly expensive to purchase. He was the most expensive player ever at 222 million euros. Neymar has since joined a new Saudi Arabian club i.e. Al-Hilal. For Neymar, they gave PSG roughly 90 million euros.

They lavishly paid Neymar to play for them as well. For two years, he will receive around $100 million annually. There’s more. Neymar arrived at Al-Hilal on Saturday. Many fans who came to see him at the stadium were very happy and excited.

They wore blue shirts because that is the color of Al-Hilal. They also saw a drone show in the sky. The drones lit up the words “Neymar is blue.” Neymar also met two other new players who joined Al-Hilal with him.

They are Malcolm, who is also from Brazil, and Yassine Bounou, who is from Morocco. They are both good players, too. Neymar will play his first game for Al-Hilal on Thursday against another club called Al-Raed.

Neymar said he was happy to join Al-Hilal. He said he wanted to win many trophies with them and make the fans proud.

He added that he enjoyed competing with other top players in the Saudi Pro League. The league has spent a lot of money on bringing in well-known European players and coaches. Ronaldo, Benzema, and Firmino are a few of them.

Saudi Arabia aspires to be recognized as a sports-mad nation. It desires to host significant events and draw more vacationers.

It also seeks to enhance its global reputation. Neymar and other stars were purchased for this reason.


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