The love between Banita Sandhu and AP is revealed!

Banita Sandhu
Banita Sandhu
Source: Instagram

On social media, there have recently been numerous rumors that actor Banita Sandhu and Punjabi musician AP Dhillon are dating. Banita uploaded a number of amorous images with AP on Saturday amid dating rumors, suggesting that the couple has officially made their Instagram connection official.

After watching the clip, which showed the two having sweet and charming moments while on vacation together, rumors about their romance intensified.

With Shoojit Sircar’s October, Banita Sandhu made her Bollywood debut in 2018.However, if one looks closer, they may recognize her as the character from Shoojit Sircar’s October.

The director described how he first came across Banita in a Vodafone advertisement. She was then featured in a four-minute Wrigley’s commercial, which garnered over 40 million views, thanks to Shoojit.

The journey had only begun, as Banita eventually won the main part opposite Varun Dhawan.

On AP Dhillon’s Instagram page, the actor posted a number of photos with her.  AP Dhillon is seated on the ground in the first picture, with Banita hovering over his face from a bed.

The new pair can be seen getting ready for a celebration in another photo. Another image shows AP Dhillon standing behind Banita as she smiles for the camera. In the final shot, AP Dhillon and Banita can be seen facing away from the camera and holding hands.

With the words “with me” and a heart emoji, Banita captioned the photo. These images were taken from the party were recently seen attending.

Banita and AP Dhillon were seen together at a gathering following the VIP screening. As soon as AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu appeared together in the singer’s most recent music video With You, rumors about them began to circulate.

AP Dhillon is seen assisting Banita with her clothing in a different shot that Banita posted on her Instagram story. The brand-new documentary series AP Dhillon: First of a Kind on Amazon Prime Video takes viewers on a personal journey through the life of a contemporary musical prodigy.

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