Hannah Baker 13 Reasons Why

Hannah Baker 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why? The show centres on Hannah Baker, a young woman who kills herself and leaves behind cassettes detailing her motivations. The main character, Clay, walks the audience through each justification while also picking up a lot of mysteries.

It addresses subjects like bullying and suicide. So why am I today discussing it with you? It has opened up a discussion about mental health issues, drug abuse, bullying, violence, sexual harassment, rape, and racism, among teenagers, teachers and parents.

Because it has a number of hidden message which are important in our lives and are surely important life lessons

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1. Be mindful of what you speak

We frequently tend to just keep talking without stopping to think about what we are saying. Without being careful, nasty comments can have a detrimental effect on a person.

It may be “just” a joke for you, but can mean deeper for someone else. We must always keep in mind that no one can know our feelings and intentions. So using such words, even in a funny situation to joke can hurt people in conversation.

The experience of Hannah Baker demonstrates just how destructive they can be.

So, consider twice before you speak negatively or cruelly to people. Also, be careful about the choice of your words which might hurt people.

2. Speak up if you are suffering

Talking about your emotions confirms that what you’re going through is genuine and important to you. You care about something if you are upset about it. It would be invalidating to your experience and your ideals to try to ignore that emotion.

It’s critical to express your concern. Several characters in the series, including Hannah, Jessica, and Clay, attempt to conceal how they truly feel on the inside. To handle the problem before it spirals out of control, it’s crucial to communicate with your loved ones before it gets out of hand.

3. Suicide isn’t just about one’s own self

Friends, family, coworkers, and the community as a whole are affected by suicide and suicide attempts in terms of their health and wellbeing. When someone commits suicide, their surviving loved ones and friends may feel shocked, angry, guilty, depressive or anxious symptoms, or even suicidal thoughts.

Hannah’s passing has had an impact on every character in the show. The entire community is in mourning over her loss, including instructors, parents, friends she never met, and pupils with whom she never interacted. Even as a viewer of the functional, most of us would have been affected by this and our minds must have been occupied by the events of the series.

4. It’s not just you who is suffering

Have you ever heard about stye? It’s kind of a pimple in the edge of your eyes which usually gets cured within a few days. I would always keep complaining about why does it always happen to me!

But then I gave a thought about others and one of my closest friends who had go undergo a surgery for her teared ligaments. We often think of our problems as bigger than others but it’s not the case. Everyone is in a mess of different kinds.

Although Hannah is at the centre of the storyline, it’s not just her life that’s starting to unravel. Her story connects each individual character, and we learn of their backstories too. Justin doesn’t really have a home to go to, Courtney is struggling to come to terms with her sexuality and Jessica has been told lie and after lie. It just goes to show that no one’s life is as perfect as it first appears.

5. You’re accountable for your actions

You can never know how what you do or say is going to affect people in various ways. The novel-adapted series promotes accountability for your actions. It gives us a reflection of the guilt, regret, and uneasiness you feel for a mistake that remains undone.

It’s better to hold yourself responsible for how you alter other people’s lives passively. Apologize today so you can move on with your life. It makes you a better person. We live in a society where our lives are intertwined with the surroundings.

Reaching out to people is important. The apprehension and fright that Katherine Langford’s character had to go through can be stopped only if we change. Start caring a little more, and stay attentive to the people you love a little more today!


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