Are Selena and Raisa Friends?

Selena and Raisa

Fans speculated about a possible falling out between Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa, who had a strong bond after Raisa donated her kidney to Gomez in 2017.

The speculation arose when Gomez mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview that she didn’t feel like she fit in with a group of celebrity friends, except for Taylor Swift.

Raisa seemed to express her frustration by commenting “Interesting” on an Instagram post highlighting Gomez’s quote. She also unfollowed Gomez on social media.

Gomez responded to the alleged drama by commenting on a TikTok video, saying,

Sorry I didn’t mention every person I know.

This rumored feud comes five years after Raisa publicly shared that she donated her kidney to Gomez, who needed the organ transplant due to her battle with lupus.

Gomez expressed deep gratitude to Raisa, calling her a wonderful friend and thanking her for the Incredible gift and sacrifice

Raisa, in her own social media post, expressed gratitude for being entrusted with something that not only saved a life but also had a profound impact on her own life.

She emphasized that their story extended beyond the kidney transplant and that they would share it in the future.

Raisa recalled in an interview that when Gomez broke down and revealed her need for a kidney, she immediately volunteered to get tested.

Raisa described the moment when Gomez realized the long waitlist for a kidney and expressed her fear. Raisa offered her support and said,

I’ll get tested.

Gomez consistently praised Raisa for her selfless act, acknowledging that she saved her life. She struggled to ask anyone for such a significant favor and considered Raisa’s compatibility as remarkable.

During a critical period of Gomez’s health, Raisa lived with her, providing support. Gomez emphasized that Raisa’s donation was life-saving and had a profound impact.


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