Taylor Swift’s Break Up with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift’s Break Up with Joe Alwyn

Swift and her long time Beau Joe Alwyn have recently been the talk of the town after reports surfaced that the couple had broken up after six years of relationship.

The pop music icon and singer Taylor Swift has always been a favourite amongst her Swifties, but this news has left them all very shocked.

Music icon Taylor’s relationship with Joe Alwyn had become quite serious over the last few weeks as they were seen together at various events.

But now it is reported that they have gone their separate ways after being together for almost 6 years.

Rumours of their break up have been circulating for some time now and it seems that the couple has finally decided to part ways.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have collaborated on many of her albums during the past six years, with Alwyn co-writing several songs throughout Taylor’s career.

During the quarantine, they both worked on separate projects with Taylor releasing two surprise albums, ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’.

Joe also had some acting credits in his name during this time. Fans have seen a lot of changes in Taylor Swift’s style through different eras that she had gone through over the years which were heavily influenced by her relationships with Joe Alwyn as well as other people in her life.


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