Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury Performance Snipped due to Fashionably Late Start and Unyielding Curfew!

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey
Credit: Kurt Iswarienko / The New York Times​

Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated headline performance at Glastonbury experienced a setback when the American star took to the stage 30 minutes later than scheduled. The delay left fans waiting anxiously for the Ivor Novello-winning singer-songwriter, who candidly attributed her tardiness to the time-consuming nature of her hair preparations.

Aware of the approaching midnight curfew for Glastonbury’s main stages, Lana expressed concern about the possibility of her set being shortened, but urged everyone to continue if the power were to be cut.

Lana’s frustration grew due to her dissatisfaction with the positioning of her name on the event poster, feeling that she was given insufficient prominence. In response to her concerns, festival organizers made adjustments to the lineup, attempting to address the issue. Lana even contemplated withdrawing from the performance altogether.

However, when Lana finally took the stage on Saturday night, she was met with boos from the audience due to her delayed arrival. Festival organizers insisted that she adhere to the strict curfew, resulting in her set being abruptly cut off before completion.

Sources backstage reported chaotic scenes as Lana’s team pleaded desperately for her to be given more time, as she still had six songs left to perform. They believed the decision to be harsh, especially considering similar situations involving Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney in the past, where allowances were made. Despite their efforts, the festival authorities remained steadfast and refused to grant any extensions

During her Glastonbury Music Festival set, Lana Del Rey’s microphone appeared to be abruptly silenced at midnight by festival staff, due to the festival’s stringent curfew regulations. This action drew criticism, with Matt Bellamy, the lead singer of Muse, denouncing the decision as “insanity” in a tweet on Saturday. The incident was also described as a disastrous conclusion to the night in a review of the Glastonbury Festival by the Financial Times.

After her sound was cut, reportedly due to curfew restrictions, Lana resorted to performing an impromptu a cappella rendition of her popular song “Video Games,” enlisting the participation of the crowd, who eagerly joined in. Videos circulating on social media capture the moment when she hurriedly approached the front pit to interact with fans before departing from the venue.

It is worth noting that Lana Del Rey was not the only artist performing past midnight at Glastonbury, as Guns ‘n Roses reportedly started their three-hour set at 9:30 pm, suggesting they were able to continue playing without interruption after the curfew


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