Taylor Swift and Ice Spice Suprise The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice

During the New Jersey leg of her Eras tour at MetLife Stadium, Taylor Swift surprised her fans, known as Swifties, by inviting Ice Spice to perform their new version of the song “Karma” on stage.

The remix, featuring a verse by Ice Spice, was released recently on the deluxe version of Swift’s album, Midnights. However, the collaboration has caused controversy among fans who are unhappy with Swift’s rumored relationship with musician Matty Healy.

Healy, who was spotted kissing Swift outside a members-only club, has a history of provocative behavior, including kissing fans on stage, making a “ironic” Nazi salute, and making derogatory comments about Ice Spice.

Healy laughed at racist comments made about Ice Spice on a podcast, where she was referred to as an “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady.” Healy later apologized for his behavior during a concert in Auckland.

While Swift has not confirmed her relationship with Healy, some fans are disappointed that she hasn’t publicly condemned his controversial actions. Swift was previously criticized for remaining silent on political issues, but she later spoke out against far-right politics and shared her liberal political leanings. Fans who see Swift’s silence on Healy’s behavior as an endorsement are further frustrated by her collaboration with Ice Spice, whom Healy had publicly derided.

Swift and Ice Spice have spoken positively about each other and their collaboration. Swift revealed that she reached out to Ice Spice after listening to her music and asked her to collaborate on “Karma.”

Ice Spice expressed gratitude to Swift and her fans for the love shown at the concert. Despite the excitement among many fans, there is a segment of Swift’s fan base that remains disappointed and upset, perceiving her silence on Healy’s behavior as a failure to address problematic actions.


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