Unravelling Barbie Movie: An In-Depth Movie Analysis

Barbie Movie Review
Barbie Movie Review
Barbie Movie Review ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The much-awaited Barbie movie exceeded expectations. Its inception was overwhelmingly positive, boasting an impressive 90% approval score on Terrible Tomatoes, with numerous reviewers lauding its revolutionary themes, particularly its strong advocacy for female rights.

However, not everyone was enamored with the film’s progressive perspective, as some conservative media figures, including Jack Posobiec, labeled it a “man-hating Woke exposure fest“. The movie was criticized for its portrayal of Ken as intellectually inferior to Barbie.

Directed by the talented Greta Gerwig and headlined by the charismatic Margot Robbie as Barbie and the ever-charming Ryan Gosling as Ken, the movie finally hit theaters on July 21 after much anticipation and a massive marketing campaign. Critics hailed Barbie for her empowering message, positioning her character within a broader humanistic context and making her more than just a plastic icon but an embodiment of feminist ideals.

Is it appropriate for children?

Despite its positive attributes, the film may not be entirely suitable for younger audiences. Unless your child is genuinely interested in educational discussions or understands words like “Proustian,”

They might struggle to fully appreciate some of the deeper themes explored in the movie. While Barbie sets off on a delightful and energetic journey, there are moments when she engages in intellectual conversations at a Dreamhouse dance party, discussing profound matters like the meaning of life and the role of patriarchy, which is no biggie for tweens or teenagers. 

Kids around 9 or 10 years old may enjoy the comedic elements, even if they miss the more academic discussions.

As for potential concerns, there is a scene where the Kens indulge in drinking and one instance where Barbie uses an F-bomb on Ken, though it is bleeped out, and a Mattel logo appears over her mouth at that moment. Moreover, the song “Barbie World” by Ice Zest and Nicki Minaj, featured during the credits, contains some sassy lingo (watch out, parents!).

The figures are huge!

On Thursday previews alone, the movie raked in an impressive $22.3 million at the box office, ranking as the second-highest total for Thursday sneak peeks, trailing only behind The Super Mario Siblings Film. Barbie’s triumph at the box office reflected the eagerness of the audience to witness her empowering tale and be inspired by her relentless pursuit of her dreams.


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