5 Lesser-Known Psychological Factors That Diminish Your Attractiveness


Were you thinking about them?

Okay, so when was the last time you thought about that someone?

We had crushes in college, whom we thought about continuously and wondered whether they also thought about us or not.

And if not, then why not?

How to make them feel the same way we do.

What we mostly focus on is what we should be doing. I remember once, I put efforts intentionally as I was planning to cross that someone’s house.

With a little bit of make-up and a slouched body, I used to wonder as to why it didn’t work even after he saw the finest human walking on earth.

It’s really important to work and remove the undesirable traits to have a more attractive personality.

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In social psychology, interpersonal attraction is defined as a positive attitude or evaluation regarding a particular person, which consists of three components: behavioural (tendency to approach the person), cognitive (positive beliefs about the person), and affective (positive feelings for the person).

Interpersonal attraction can take many different shapes, such as friendship, romantic relationships, liking, or the need for group association.

Here are the five psychological things that make you less attractive.

1. Lack of a sense of humour

A friend of mine was really into a guy who pretended to have everything a man needs to make women go gaga over him. She had always witnessed him from a distance.

Until one day, when she shared a bench with him. The kind of humour he possessed was suitable enough to replace Sheldon Cooper.

You know that was sarcasm; no one, especially that guy, can replace him.

His poor sense of humour made her question her choice and he seemed less attractive to her now. She eventually dropped the idea of him being with her someday.

So it’s better to work on your humour or if you cannot, just don’t speak much and present yourself as a mysterious person.

Not only on a personal level, but psychiatrists who do research on attraction have found that a sense of humour is an important criterion for both sexes to develop infatuation towards someone.

2. Own a third wheeler

The experiences in school and the years of teens often speak of incidences where a guy or a girl approached someone with the help of a friend.

The most effective method for guys looking to approach ladies may be to have a third party make the introduction.

Dating today presents many challenges for singles who want to pique someone’s interest. There are more options than ever.

Having someone else introduce you takes you directly over the awkward initial step and demonstrates that you are nice enough to have friends.

3. Being an open book

Researches have shown that women often tend to be attracted to men who don’t reveal too much about themselves on their social media handles.

Well, taking on a personal note, I feel the same way.

Women show more interest in men who don’t post much. They pondered the mysterious man. The more he was on their mind, the more intrigued they became.

So to all the men reading this, you know what to do now.

Oh wait, don’t rush to your handle, watch the video first to unravel more.

4. Avoid Ghosting

We all pile up the work for days to come, eventually panicking about it. Procrastination might feel good on a personal note, but when other perspectives are also taken into consideration, it’s something that isn’t that attractive.

It’s a proven fact by psychologists that people who make fewer appearances and are less involved, seem less attractive to the opposite gender.

Be sure to remember this study the next time you get infatuated with someone. The more you make your appearance, as well as your presence, known to them, the more likely they are to find you attractive over time.

5. Excessive friendliness

While friendship is the first step towards developing infatuation or feelings for someone, being over-friendly can mess up your puzzle of being more attractive. Being too invested or available makes other people feel that we don’t have much individuality.

According to the research, while people liked those who had frequent appearances and interactions, they also found that the students’ least-favourite people were those with whom they were forced to spend time.

We can only try, but not force someone else’s dopamine to develop a liking for us. There should be a balance between socialising and having a personal space, and we must all respect each other’s personal space.

6. Conculsion

We associate attractiveness with attraction. Being attractive, however, involves more than just having a good appearance.

True attraction involves being drawn to someone’s full essence, flaws and all.


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