How to Overcome Body Image Issues?

body image issue

If I asked you how confident you are about your body, most of us would think of what we could have been instead of what we actually are.

But it’s no fault of ours.

We’ve all been born in a world where we’re accepted for everything except how we look, haven’t we?

In today’s epoch, we are in a constant fear of being judged, and that’s what makes us conscious of our body and the way we look.

Body image includes both how we perceive ourselves and the omnipresent concern about how others do. If we delve deeply into this, we will undoubtedly discover that the latter contours the former.

But think of it: In today’s time, when we are in a struggle with others not to decide even the colour of our nails, we have sub-consciously given them the legitimacy of deciding our body image.

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If you’ve ever been body-shamed, you’re not an alien. The views on this video would certainly justify this stance of mine. Always remember, you aren’t the only one. I hope it was helpful. 

1. Embrace what you are

We have been exposed to beauty standards because of our connectivity with people at a global level.

We always think of how much better we could have been if we had more fat in our lips than our bellies.

But what we fail to do is embrace what we own and have been gifted. We are all unique in ourselves, so don’t wish to be like someone else; instead, flaunt your uniqueness.

You can do this by not religiously abiding by the trends and wearing whatever compliments you the most and whatever you are comfortable in.

2. Everything comes with a cost

You can surely get your dream body by spending a good amount of money. But this beauty comes with a cost.

It will not only put a dent in your wallet, but you may also face serious issues such as infections, and the surgery may be life-threatening.

You can surely go for this if your body and beauty are going to outlive your soul.

Also, something that can be purchased is always less expensive than something that is one-of-a-kind!

Losing your individuality to something unnatural would be a blot on the wisest human beings, as everything till now has been as clear as the sky on a monsoon day.

So think before comparing yourself with something that needs constant maintenance for its longevity.

3. Nothing is permanent

The evolution of humankind coincided with the evolution of beauty standards. Now think of the time when women with slim bodies were ruling the world, and other body types received lesser recognition, but with time, every body type enjoyed its era.

Getting insecure about something that isn’t permanent and spending millions on passing beauty trends that will fade would seem prudent to you right now. Even if you do, it will require regular maintenance.

Trends change every time you blink!

4, Do what you seek from others

We frequently expect others to appreciate us for who we are rather than make us feel self-conscious about how we look.

Human minds themselves function in this way. We have developed the habit of just expecting and not living up to someone else’s expectations.

There is no harm in complementing others, and it would also make you happy about the fact that you might have made someone feel more confident in themselves. Serving someone with the happiness you might be longing for.

5. Stop feeding your mind negativity

There is no end to wanting more. We have even come to the debate of immortality being desirable as if we have found the elixir after the churning of the ocean.

According to psychology, negative body image can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or body dysmorphia.

You will often be exposed to negativity attached to body image, but you don’t need to let this negativity penetrate deep into your mind and make itself a home there.

Obviously, it’s going to affect you, and it’s totally human, but you need to show it a red flag and fill your mind with body positivity messages.

Don’t let these red flags become as ingrained in your mind as the red flag men and women in your hearts.

6. Conculsion

Let’s not simply confine True Beauty to our favourite k-drama highlights. It’s high time we realise that beauty is not simply skin-deep! Be around positive people, inculcate self-love, and think and eat healthier!


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