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7 Types of Boys You Should Stay Away From

Types of Guys to Avoid

The dating world is filled with men who appear to be perfect but end up being a nightmare to date.

It is essential to look out for subtle clues that indicate that the man is not right for you. Here are seven types of men to avoid:

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1. The Selfish Guy

This man only cares about himself and shows little interest in you or your passions. He has an over-inflated ego and an overblown sense of self.

2. The Liar

A man who lies frequently cannot be trusted. Trust is crucial in any healthy relationship, and if the person is not honest, the relationship cannot thrive.

3. The Player

A player keeps relationships superficial and is dismissive of the idea of introducing you to friends and family. They want to keep their options open and are not interested in a long-term commitment.

4. The Guy Who Strings You Along:

This guy only contacts you when he wants to hook up or is bored. You should avoid this type of man and find someone who values having you in his life.

5. The Guy Who Puts in No Effort

In a healthy relationship, both partners should put in effort to spend time together and get to know each other. If you feel like you’re doing all the work, it’s time to move on.

6. The Control Freak

A control freak wants to be in charge of everything and everyone. They may try to manipulate you and isolate you from your friends and family.

7. The Commitment-Phobe

A commitment-phobe enjoys spending time with you but is not interested in a serious, long-term relationship.

In conclusion, it is important to look out for these types of men when dating to avoid heartbreak and disappointment.


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