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Lady Diana: 5 Stand-Out Qualities of the Royal Rebel

Lady Diana

In today’s world sunken into debates and struggles for equal rights for the existing genders, when women are still fighting for proper recognition, it’s kind of impossible to think of a woman who was outspoken and lived life on her own terms in the 70s and 80s.

But there did exist such a woman, Diana, the former Princess of Wales. Popularly known as the Rebel Royal, she was a woman of substance, an inspiration for women today.

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We all have heard about the British Royal Family who is ruling Britain till date. But have you ever dived into and attempted to learn more about it?

Let’s go back in time to a woman who was and continues to be a strong and positive influence.

The Princess took Robert Frost’s road, which was less travelled, to extend beyond the obligations of the royalty. For those who disliked history lectures in school, we have created content that will pique your Interest.

1. Strong and maintained Balance in Life

Diana was a multitasker and maintained balance in her life to cater to the expected roles from her.

Even the Queen herself has praised Diana for being dutiful. She tried to spend as much time as possible with her kids instead of leaving them under the care of nannies.

She didn’t just confine herself to her identity as the Princess but sought to be a good mother too. She wasn’t perfect like anybody but always tried to be herself. She has taught her how to live tough times without surrendering to hurdles life put in front.

Today women are involved in multitasking and you can surely learn from Diana how to manage and balance life and move an inch towards becoming a woman of substance.

2. Queen of Hearts!

Instead of just enjoying the comfort and laurels attached to her identity as a princess, she abided by her duties and also put in extra efforts .

In an interview, she revealed that she aims to become queen of people’s hearts more than just of Wales, and indeed she did!

She was the president of over 100 charity organizations. She discontinued the practice of wearing hats and gloves to make people feel connected.

One of her deeds that gained immense controversy was when she shook hands with people who had AIDS during the epidemic in 1987.

At that time and even now, sharing physical contact with AIDS patients is uncommon and a stigma. The reputation that she built for herself outweighed the titles that she owned or would have owned.

Even though she was a Princess she made feel connected to her. She was one of the most down to earth princesses of all times.

In the path of becoming a woman of substance you must not forget that you are a human first, thus abiding by the morals of humanity is equally important.

You should be humble and understanding to people around you. Remember, pride comes before fall.

3. Timeless Style Icon

Social media influencers and various other personalities have taken over the fashion world today.

But, to date, who has succeeded in erasing the intimidating style of the iconic Diana and Rachel Green’s bridesmaid dress ? A timeless beauty with timeless styles that are still followed by people today.

The styles she followed and her dress sense hasn’t faded away, you can still follow her if you wish to and be one of the best dressed.

On top of that the confidence she wore along with her dresses is admirable. She wore whatever she was comfortable in and her style is acknowledged till date. But you don’t have to be any fashionista to make impression just wear whatever you wear and speak with conviction.

So be confident in your own skin like Diana and be who you wish to be.

4. Lived up to her Morals

In 1981, when she was getting married to the Prince, she was asked to vow to obey Prince Philip in their wedding vows; Diana instead promised to “love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him, in sickness and in health.”

And this was followed by both her daughter in laws. She even sent her children to public school to impart real life teachings to them.

She exemplified that it’s okay and possible to change your inherited status. She changed the status-quo which is accepted and followed by British Royal Princess in today’s time.

Putting your analysis through instead of following whatever has been followed till date, would add on to you becoming more a woman of substance. Don’t hesitate to follow what is correct according to your morals. The society would have been stagnated if none had voiced for the needful.

5. Prioritized Herself

She lived life on her own terms and deviated from the traditional roles attached to her title with care.

To mention one incident from her anecdote, at a sports event in her son’s school, she competed with other mothers in a race for her kids’ as well as her own happiness. She is seen to run in a skirt, an example of she being popularly known as the royal rebel.

In an interview she openly said about her husband’s and her infidelity too. Both were unhappy in their marriage and decided to separate.

Divorce wasn’t a common practice in the royal family or even among the common people. The royalty didn’t overpower her individuality. She moved on and moved on with confidence, strength with carrying the essence of being the Diana!

Embrace your individuality instead of enclosing to the inherited birth status.

She accepted the reality and didn’t bang her head over something which was destined to happen.

You need to learn to accept things and tell your heart and mind whenever you feel low, that this too shall pass.

Diana established herself as a great inspiration and a woman of substance look up to in today’s time, when women haven’t achieved whatever is the needful.

Women around the world must read about her and gain confidence and courage to put an end to their relentless endurance towards suffering.


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