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Here Are The Top 4 Books And Ways To Improve Self-Esteem

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Hey, let’s talk about boosting your self-esteem. It’s a bit of a journey, but hey, there are ways to make it better. So, how do you do it? Well, here are some things you can try:

Be Aware of Negative Thoughts- First off, catch those negative thoughts. Just like you wouldn’t eat a rotten tomato, you shouldn’t eat rotten thoughts either.

Challenge Negative Thinking– When those negative thoughts pop up, don’t let them take over. Counter them with more positive memories or experience

Positive Self-Talk– Try talking to yourself in a positive way. Say some affirmations – you know, positive stuff to lift yourself up. Saying, “You’ve got it!” to myself has actually resulted in wonders.

Practice Self-Compassion– Cut yourself some slack. Forgive yourself for past slip-ups and move forward. Embrace all parts of yourself.

Stop Comparing– Quit comparing yourself to others. There are 7 billion people out there – someone will always seem smarter, prettier, or richer. Set a real standard for yourself.

Try Something New– Pick up a new skill or hobby. Block a few hours for practicing your hobbies every week. And hey, pat yourself on the back for the effort!

Now, low self-esteem can sometimes tag along with mental health stuff like anxiety or depression. If that’s the case, chat with a doctor or therapist. They can help with therapy, maybe some meds, or a mix of both. 

So, improving your self-esteem is kind of like a mix of being aware, being positive, and giving yourself a break. Think about what you’re good at, celebrate the small wins, and cut yourself some slack. It’s like a journey to feeling authentically awesome. Give it a shot!

Building and keeping your self-esteem in check is quite a journey, right? Thankfully, there are some cool books out there that act like guides, dropping wisdom and practical tips.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle:

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So, “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle isn’t your typical self-esteem guide, but let me spill the tea. It’s like Glennon’s sitting with you, saying, “Hey, untame yourself from the stuff that’s dragging you down – low self-image, other people’s expectations, you name it.

This book’s a self-love manifesto, a game-changer if life’s feeling a bit meh. Dive in, bring your whole self to the table, and forget the apologies. Oh, and for an extra dose of self-love, check out our empowering quotes – they’re like a warm hug for your soul.

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter

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Now, Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s got your back with “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self.” Imagine him as your hype person for positive self-talk. Packed with cool info, it’s all about shutting down those low self-worth vibes and grabbing happiness by the horns.

The best part?

It’s like a cozy chat, smooth, straightforward, and relatable, no matter your age. Dive into this one, and get ready to level up your self-talk game.

Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David D. Burns:

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Feeling a bit shaky about your achievements or doing the daily hustle? Well, here comes David D. Burns with “Ten Days to Self-Esteem.” It’s like he’s taking you on a journey of self-discovery and high-fives.

This book spills the beans on acceptance, compassion, and innovation – the secret sauce for a rock-solid self-belief system. The methods and examples are like your personalized guide to embracing those oops moments.

This book is as practical as your fave life hack, backed by evidence, and totally on point for today’s world. So, why not give it a shot and pump up that self-esteem of yours? You’ve got this, superstar!

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns

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Now, David Burns’ “Feeling Good” is mostly known for tackling the blues, but guess what? It’s got some serious self-worth vibes too. Burns talks about cognitive distortions – those nasty thought patterns that mess with your mood and self-esteem.

Recognize and face these distortions, and you’re on your way to a more positive self-image. The book throws in some useful activities and resources for a daily boost in wellbeing and self-worth.

So, diving into these books is like getting some guidance on your self-esteem journey – it’s not just about feeling good; it’s about feeling authentically awesome.


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