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How I Made Over $20k on Upwork ?

In the year 2019, filled with hopes, I made the choice to become a member of Upwork, an online freelancing platform, in order to delve into the world of independent work and generate supplementary earnings.

The initial enrollment process was easy, but my application was rejected several times and my enthusiasm waned.

I kept going, kept submitting my profile for review and made more than 8–10 attempts

Finally, after much anxious waiting, I got the news I had been craving — my application was accepted, and I was officially accepted into the Freelance Network. I was overwhelmed with excitement and couldn’t contain my excitement. It was a triumphant moment and I was ready to start this exciting new chapter as an Upwork Freelancer.

My First Project On Upwork

At first, I couldn’t succeed in a single job, and although I was often disappointed, I never gave up. I started working hard and in time got my first job. It was one of the happiest times of my life.

Let me share the winning proposal that landed me my first job on Upwork.

Upwork Winning Proposal
Image Source: Upwork

The client gave me a trial project for $5, and although they eventually chose another client, they left positive feedback.

Thanks for everything :) All the best for the future.

Although I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t selected, I was happy to get my first Upwork job and $5.

And here is the project posting: My first Upwork project was $5.

First Job on upwork
Image Source: Upwork

Ever since that moment, my luck took a turn for the better. Each day brought new heights to my fortunes, and my journey as a freelancer began to flourish. The initial setback of not being chosen for that particular job gradually faded away.

I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to every project I undertook for almost a year, striving to achieve nothing less than outstanding results. As time went by, my enthusiasm for my work only intensified, driven by the sheer delight of delivering extraordinary work for my clients.

Over the course of time, my commitment bore fruit in the form of glowing five-star reviews from satisfied clients.

I had a deep longing in my heart for a moment that would validate all the hard work I put into my freelance journey. And then, on that unforgettable day, June 14th, 2020, it felt like the universe was shining down on me.

I was sitting at my computer when a notification popped up in my inbox. It was an email from Upwork, and I couldn’t help but feel a rush of anticipation as I clicked to open it. 

Congratulations, you’re Top Rated!

For a moment, I felt like I was floating on cloud nine.

Being recognized as Top Rated was not just a mere badge for me; it was an affirmation of my reliability and the exceptional standard of my work.

My Earnings on Upwork

upwork earnings

Till 2023, I proudly accomplished a total of 38 projects, which resulted in earnings surpassing $20,000

While this may not appear as an colossal amount to some, it holds great significance for me as a freelancer hailing from India. The economic hurdles faced in my country can often be daunting, making this achievement truly remarkable.

However, the year 2020 presented an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. This global crisis cast a veil of uncertainty over my freelancing career, creating an atmosphere filled with apprehension and doubt.

My Strategies for Job Applications on Upwork

When it comes to freelancing on Upwork, there are several key strategies you can employ to increase your chances of getting hired in a highly competitive marketplace. Let’s explore these strategies in detail:

Apply to Jobs with Fewer Proposals:

Less Proposal
Image Source: Upwork

When you’re searching for job opportunities on Upwork, it’s advisable to prioritize projects that haven’t received a high number of proposals.

These jobs, with fewer applicants, give you a greater chance of catching the client’s attention. By submitting your proposal to these projects, you enhance the likelihood of it being carefully reviewed and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Smart Client Evaluation:

Image Source: Upwork

When you’re about to submit your proposal, it’s important to assess potential clients. Look into their hire rate, which shows how many freelancers they’ve hired compared to the number of jobs they’ve posted.

A higher hire rate indicates that the client is actively seeking freelancers, making it more likely for you to secure the job. Moreover, examining the amount of money the client has spent on previous projects can provide valuable insights into their commitment to high-quality work.

Capitalize on Demand:

Multiple Vacancies
Image Source: Upwork

A successful approach to acquiring projects is focusing on positions that have numerous openings. 

When clients advertise a job with multiple vacancies, it signifies a greater demand for freelancers, which can lead to increased opportunities for you.

Showcase Your Talent:

To make a strong impression on potential clients, it is essential to exhibit your expertise and aptitudes.

Create a comprehensive and visually appealing portfolio that highlights your previous work and accomplishments. Customize your collection to align with the precise requirements of the position you are seeking, demonstrating your possession of the abilities required to thrive in the undertaking.

Think Long-Term:

Image Source: Upwork

Although short-duration tasks can be attractive for fast earnings, it is wise to also explore opportunities for lengthy projects.

Long-term engagements provide numerous benefits, such as a steady income over an extended timeframe, the chance to establish a deeper connection with clients, and the potential for sustained collaboration. It is important to highlight your dedication to delivering high-quality work and fostering enduring partnerships.

In Conclusion

Becoming proficient in these techniques can greatly improve your opportunities for securing employment on Upwork. By focusing on tasks that have a lower number of proposals, carefully analyzing potential clients, leveraging market needs, demonstrating your skills, and adopting a long-term mindset, you position yourself for triumph in the competitive realm of freelance work.


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