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The Impact of Body Language on Confidence

Body Language on Confidence

Yesterday, when I went out with my friends, we were only in the midway when I realized my shoes made me feel sick to my stomach.

All my attention was absorbed into feeling uneasy wearing those.

Consequently, I wasn’t feeling myself, enjoying myself, and felt very unconfident.

How would you tackle this?

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We all are frequently tested by life. It’s quite possible that even if we are sure of ourselves, self-doubt may knock at our doors.

We often feel nervous for an interview, any public appearance, or public speaking.

Confidence is the first seed toward growing healthy self-esteem.

You are aware that confidence is necessary if you want to leave a positive impression in the workplace, but gaining confidence is harder than it may seem.

While confidence may come effortlessly to some, it can be difficult for most people to achieve, especially when they are in new settings or around new people. Confidence paves the way to a healthy mental life too.

But there are some psychological tricks that can help you attract people’s positive attention to you. You don’t have to jump from article to article in order to know about it.

1. Think positively

What if I told you that in sixth grade, I messed up horribly while delivering a speech in front of the assembly, and now I work as a speaker?

It’s quite surprising, right?

After this life experience, I grew quite under confident regarding my speaking skills, which today count as my forte.

What I want to make you understand through this story is that you shouldn’t let just one experience in your life make you feel that you aren’t good enough or that you cannot do something.

You surely can, if you try.

You need to think positively and make up your mind to take on challenges. Always remember that any experience in your life, be it good or bad, is going to teach you something.

So it’s always better to give yourself another chance rather than just backing off out of fear.

2. Use affirmative words in your sentences

Our confidence is also reflected in our choice of words. It shows how confident we are in whatever we are saying. Ill-chosen words can make us sound less confident, even if we are saying things that are factually correct.

Suppose you have an interview and you are asked a question you aren’t familiar with.

Human brain is capable enough of storing information of 5 encyclopaedia and obviously we just don’t store information.

We have songs which always pop-up whenever we try to concentrate, memories, etc. If you know anything about it, say it, and you can sum it up by saying that anything further you can’t recall at that moment or aren’t aware of.

Don’t use phrases like “I don’t know” or “I don’t know much but.. Avoid ifs and buts.

3. Tell yourself, ‘I’m good enough”

There are those days when you won’t perform to your standards or look as good as you probably imagined you would.

It can happen to anyone, everyday isn’t the same, right?

Also had it been, we humans would end up complaning about living a monotonous life but we also don’t want a life like Harry Potter instead.

When life throws you to such situations, think of the times when you performed upto your expectations or even more than that or looked good enough.

Also, We tend to think about our weaknesses more often than our strengths. And this is where the problem lies.

We start to feel inferior. You need to value your strengths and give yourself positive affirmations to feel more confident.

If you gave yourself reminders of being capable enough, you would probably look and feel confident.

4. Appearance

I know, if you’ve got the purchasing power to buy more Prada bags than me , you’ll appear more confident than me. But this is the thing about confidence.

You don’t buy it, you make it with whatever you have. No matter how much you fancy stelitoes, sandals can make you feel confident.

Possible! ! ( My horrifying shoe story is a case in point.)

Wear outfits in which you feel confident and carry yourself in the best way possible. Investing time and efforts in presenting yourself can give you confidence, and others will see you as a confident person.

In any interview, it’s advisable to wear good formal outfits, proper hair, and other things because those things are important too.

5. Non-verbal communication matters too

By the way, I went to the venue in those shoes, hoping that 3 hours would pass in less than 3 hours.

Now you know what, claiming a territory is the quickest way to appear to be the winner. Standing or sitting tall will help you own your body and the area around you.

Not only the verbal communications, but also the non-verbal communications, matter in our conversations.

The hand gestures, the body posture, our eye movements—everything matters when we are conversing.

Maintain eye contact throughout social situations to convey confidence. Maintaining eye contact conveys attention and comfort to others around you.

About 60% of the time, make eye contact with the other individual. If making eye contact with someone feels too daunting, start by focusing on a region around their eyes.

Don’t slouch while walking or sitting, that would probably look like more of a sloth rather than an human.

Confidence is something which is not something god gifted to all of us.

We all want to be confident enough to make a good impression on others. Confidence helps us excel in any interview or any other important event. Following these steps is surely going to help you out.


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