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Signs You Are An Option Not A Priority For Them

signs you are an option

Because that is precisely what they are, a significant other whom they love and admire, many refer to their romantic relationship as their “significant other.”

Being significant means being a priority, not an alternative, and it is totally normal to want to feel special and important to your spouse when you are in a love relationship. 

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1. Your Partner Rarely Texts You Or Starts Conversion First

Any connection must have open lines of communication, and it must be reciprocal.

If your girlfriend never gets in touch with you initially, this may indicate that she doesn’t give you much thought during the day.

A good spouse will constantly look for small opportunities to make their partner feel special.

However, if you feel that you have to start talks all the time and your spouse never does, this may be a clear indication that they regard you as only an option rather than a top priority.

You shouldn’t feel as though you have to constantly urge your partner to contact or text you for your relationship to succeed; it takes effort from both parties.

2. All Plans Are On Their Terms

Arrangements are typically arranged at the last minute when seeing one other. This could imply that before confirming any plans with you, your partner explores all alternative possibilities.

They only hang out with you when there is no other option, in their opinion. You will therefore probably spend the majority of your time together indoors, with little opportunities for more exciting activities.

They constantly ask about your intentions, yet when you’ve told them, they hardly ever make suggestions. They can be assured that they have a backup plan if everything else fails in this way.

3. You Feel Generally Unhappy And Misused

You actually feel mistreated, insecure, and miserable around him or her. Your insecurities are all amplified and you experience depression when you are with them.

Do you no longer feel delight or excitement when you see them?

If you and your partner only have happy moments on special occasions like holidays or birthdays throughout the year, that raises serious red flags.

You feel exploited all the time. Reassess your relationship priorities if you feel like you are constantly giving up your life and dreams for your partner. Trust your intuition in this case.

4. Your Partner Won’t Label Your Relationship

Labels are occasionally avoided by those who are merely having fun. Your partner may be deeply attracted to you, but they are merely averse to making a commitment.

In that instance, despite their difficulties in categorising your relationship, they may genuinely value and care about you.

Ask them how they would want to categorise the items you have together.

5. They Don’t Take Special Occasions Seriously

The biggest red flag, in my opinion, is when your partner doesn’t make time for you, particularly when there is a significant occasion or event that you would like to celebrate with them, such as a career promotion, a loved one’s birthday, or an anniversary.

Even if everyone is busy, if your spouse is a priority, you should make time for them. Therefore, it may be a hint that you are not a priority if they consistently forget about holidays like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary.

If you’re not happy with the way things are going, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your partner how you feel. If she’s not willing to make things work, then it might be time to move on.


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