Does My Crush Like Me?

Does My Crush Like Me

Have you ever felt attracted to someone?

That’s a weird phase.

During that phase, one of biggest mysteries is whether the person we are attracted to is attracted to us or not.

There are a few signs that you can find on the internet, but they really require you to actually look into someone’s eyes to notice if their pupils are dilating or not, and looking directly into someone’s eyes isn’t very subtle.

So here are few of the subtle things that people do that, if noticed, can be used to deduce whether they like you or not.

Also, these can be used as points to keep in mind in order to not unintentionally give away the fact that you have a crush on certain someone.

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1. Open Body Language

Most of the people tend to put up a conserved body language while hanging out with people they’re not very familiar with. Open body language signifies someone’s familiarity and comfort with the place/people they’re with.

If someone hasn’t crossed their arms or legs, or aren’t slouching, rather have a sense of calmness in their demeanor while they’re with you, it means that they feel comfortable around you, and possibly like you.

2. Change in the Tone of Voice

This is mostly subconscious. While engaging in a conversation with someone a person is attracted to, he/she tends to unknowingly change their tone as a sign of unspoken attraction. In guys, they tend to make their voice deeper, and in girls, they tend to make their voice high pitched.

Next time you’re engaging in a conversation with your crush, try to listen carefully if the tone of their voice has slightly altered, and if it has, then you might be in luck.

3. Mirroring Your Body Language

When someone is attracted to you/admire you, they tend to mirror your body language. This is done subconsciously to create a bond or feel more aligned with you.

They mimic your speech patterns, your body language, your small gestures, your style of sitting etc. This also creates and environment of comfort between you and the person you’re talking to.

This is also subconscious, and hence, it often goes unnoticed when the conversation gets too deep and you tend to lose track of time. But since you know to look for these signs, you can always figure out if your crush has a crush on you.

4. An Effort in Communication

Is it always you who initiates a conversation via text or call? Are you always the one wanting to make plans about hanging out? If that is the case, then there is bad news for you.

But, if you check your phone and find texts from your crush, she’s wants to hang out with you, she wants to talk to you, then it is one of the biggest signs that she is definitely into you.

5. Touch

Touch, when done wrong can really creep out anyone and kill the vibe any time of the day. But physical touch is one the biggest signs of someone’s attraction towards you.

This is a very thin line though, as a casual, yet slightly flirtatious touch during a conversation (putting a hand on your shoulder while laughing) can elevate the feeling.

If your crush constantly shows their admiration or appreciation of you by patting your back or your shoulder, it might just be a sign of attraction as well.

Now, there is no particular way that can make you 100% sure that your crush is definitely into you, or the opposite. The only way to be sure is ‘communication’.

Communicate how you feel about them. Ask them if the feeling is mutual. Though these signs can help you sense an underlying interest, they aren’t 100% accurate in judging someone’s attraction towards you.

Vibe is one of the most underrated and overlooked things in the world. A lot of people don’t believe in vibes, but vibes can be sensed. Two people can have a matching vibe that can lead to attraction or even a great friendship or a romantic relationship.

Vibe is basically the how you feel when you’re around someone. The feeling of comfort, safety, and homeliness are a sign of good vibe. Vibes don’t by the concept of ‘Opposites Attract’. A healthy relationship is always between two people with matching vibe.

6. Conculsion

Every relationship starts with attraction, but what’s more important is carrying on a good relationship that’s worth it. And that requires communication i.e. Tough Conversation, Sacrifices and a lot more.


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