How to Appear Attractive to Your Crush?

Attractive to Your Crush

Women frequently misunderstand what people find appealing. I’ll let you in on a little secret, ladies: being a more attractive woman is not as challenging as you might imagine.

Even if you don’t have the sexiest genes, don’t worry. You must be aware that genes don’t solely determine beauty. Lesser-known methods of self-improvement that increase attractiveness are supported by scientific principles.

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1. Put a smile on

It goes without saying that smiling makes you appear warm and inviting to others, which can affect how they perceive you. As social beings, we are wired to watch for signs of safety and welcome in others’ body language. The universal signal for warmth, approachability, and attractiveness is a smile.

According to a study conducted by the University of Wyoming, nearly 100 undergraduate women were asked to view photographs of other women in one of four poses: smiling in an open body position, not smiling in an open body position, smiling in a closed body position, or not smiling in a closed body position.

Regardless of her body position, the results indicated that the woman in the picture was liked the most when she was smiling.

Researchers from Switzerland looked at the connection between attractiveness and smiling in a different experiment that was reported in the 2014 issue of the journal Cognition and Emotion. They also discovered that the stronger the smile, the more attractive a face looked. They discovered that a happy cheerful facial expression seemed to make up for relative ugliness.

What are you waiting for, ladies? Start Smiling More

2. Rock some red

Red is frequently linked to passion, strength, sensuality, and attractiveness. Psychologists have found that people, particularly men, are more likely to find women attractive when they are wearing anything red.

According to a University of Rochester study, wearing red can automatically increase a woman’s attractiveness to men. In the study, men were more inclined to approach a lady wearing a red shirt than a green one.

Another well-known study discovered that waitresses who wore red lipstick received more tips than those who did not.

Men adore ladies in red, as has been amply demonstrated time and time again. So, ladies the main takeaway is that men are attracted to women who wear red. So fill your wardrobe with more red clothes.

3. Speak in a higher-pitched voice

A group of psychologists from the University of Wroclaw in Poland published a review in 2017 claiming that a person’s voice can be a biological determination of their heterosexual attraction. Their research suggests that men tend to find higher-pitched voices more appealing and assume that women with higher-pitched voices are younger and slimmer.

Let’s put it in simple words:

Men find women with higher-pitched voices more attractive than women with lower-pitched voices “.

So ladies use higher-pitched voices to become more attractive than ever.

4. Display a sense of humor

Even if you’re a ripped stud or an exotic top model, you must know that appearances aren’t everything. You could be the sexiest person alive on the planet, if you come across as indifferent or uninteresting, you won’t be able to draw people to you.

Most men will concur that a woman needs to be funny in order to be attractive.

According to the University of Kansas, humor and intelligence were intrinsically linked. Therefore we tend to seek out funny and witty people as potential mates. In addition, they write that the ability to laugh with your partner is very attractive as it shows that your relationship will be fun and exciting.

All I am trying to say is start being a little humorous if you want to stand out in the crowd of people.

5. Pay attention to your body language

According to a 2016 study, it was revealed that people who have an expansive body posture are perceived as more powerful and confident by others. You must be aware that confidence is the key to being more attractive in the eyes of others.

The same study also suggests that just having a powerful and confident body language can make you seem more attractive. At the same time, a contractive body posture for example – crossing arms or hunching shoulders can make you seem the other way around.

In 2018 an experiment was conducted where dating profiles of several young men and women were created, in the first set the profile pictures of these people were photographed in contractive postures. While in the other set the next group of people was photographed in expansive poses.

You will be astonished to know that the results showed that people were more likely to choose the ones in expansive postures(especially men) as someone they’d like to go out on a date with those in contractive postures. In other words, expansive body language simply increases attraction.

6. Wear high heels

You heard me right, ladies start wearing high heels from time to time.

According to a 2015 French study that appeared in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, men find women to be more alluring when they wear high heels.

In one experiment, women who were seated at a bar were more likely to be contacted by men there when they were wearing high heels as opposed to flats or medium heels.

Other aspects of men’s conduct may also be impacted by wearing heels. In another study, when a woman asked a guy to fill out a survey while she was wearing high heels, the male was more inclined to comply. Really interesting!

7. Mimic The Person You're Talking To

The easiest way to be attractive in front of your interest is simply by mimicking his or her behavior, body language, actions, gestures, or even facial expressions.

This well-known, simple and effective strategy, is called the chameleon effect.

According to the research, it has been demonstrated that being imitated leads to positive feelings toward the imitator. The result of this research indicates that being imitated activates brain areas called the medial orbitofrontal cortex which is associated with emotions and reward processing.

Hence, mimicry facilitates attraction, interest, and liking towards the other person.

8. Consider Wearing Sunglasses

Ever wonder why someone suddenly becomes 10 times more attractive when they are wearing sunglasses?

Sunglasses, in the first place, give you a mysterious air, which is always sexy. The eyes are a person’s most important source of information as well as their greatest point of vulnerability.

Sunglasses enhance facial symmetry by hiding any little irregularities near your eyes. You might observe, for instance, that one of your eyes is higher on your face or that one of your pupils is a little bit bigger than the other.

That is very normal and natural, however when choosing a partner, most individuals like symmetrical faces. Just think about the Golden Ratio of Beauty, which quantifies attractiveness by examining face symmetry.

And this brings me to the next psychological hack

9. Accentuate Your Symmetry using Makeup

Facial symmetry is significantly linked to attractiveness, as I mentioned in the last point, and a Stanford study supports this. However, the majority of humans lack complete symmetry.

Your eyes might be two slightly different sizes, your mouth may be a little lopsided, and your nose could be a little uneven. It’s normal and natural, and there’s usually nothing to worry about with it.

The good news is that makeup can work like a miracle to give the appearance of symmetry if you want that extra confidence boost. Knowing how to do it will enable you to subtly rearrange a lip, soften a hooded eye, and shade a nose. Start putting on makeup without unapologetically.

10. Stick with a group

Practice these scientifically proven psychological tricks if you wish to look attractive. So throw on that red dress, pump up your hair, and remember that you look awesome.

People who are a part of a group are more likely to be thought of as attractive. For obvious reasons, that is also known as the “cheerleader effect.” Why? We form an average of all the faces we observe because humans tend to process faces in groups.

Participants in one study from the University of California, San Diego, were asked to rank the attractiveness of individuals in solo photographs vs photographs of the individual in a group of individuals.

When participants were asked to rate groups of people, both men and women received higher evaluations. So here’s the deal with turning into an attractive woman: If you want to look appealing, start associating with attractive people.

If you want to look better, use these psychological techniques that have been verified by science. Put on that red dress, style your hair, and never forget how great you look.


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