International Malala Day: Honoring an Education Activist!

Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai via Twitter @Malala

Malala Day, observed on July 12 every year since 2013, is a significant event dedicated to honoring the remarkable education activist, Malala Yousafzai.

As her birthday approaches, Malala, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, took to Twitter to share nostalgic photos from a decade ago when she delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations. Reflecting on the past, she expressed disbelief that it has been ten years since that momentous occasion and acknowledged the incredible people she has met and the places she has visited since then.

At the time, as a determined 16-year-old, she had no idea of the extraordinary journey that awaited her, but her unwavering commitment to fighting for girls’ education remained steadfast.

In one of her tweets, Malala mentioned that ever since that day, she made a personal commitment to spend her birthdays with girls, a tradition that has taken her to various countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia, as well as refugee camps in Lebanon, Rwanda, and Iraq.

This tradition symbolizes her dedication to the cause of empowering girls through education. Malala’s story resonates as a powerful symbol in the global fight for girls’ education. Her journey began when she gained international recognition on October 9, 2012, after surviving a horrific attack by a Taliban gunman who targeted her due to her advocacy for education.

Malala Day holds immense significance as it brings attention to the importance of education and women’s rights. It serves as a reminder that individual determination and the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs can have a profound impact on the world. On this day, people come together to shed light on the plight of millions of children who are still deprived of quality education.

Born on July 12, 1997, in Mingora, Pakistan, Malala’s life took a dramatic turn in 2007 when the Taliban seized control of her city and enforced a ban on girls attending school.

Despite this oppressive situation, she started writing for the B.B.C. Urdu in 2009, using her platform to advocate for girls’ education. Tragically, on October 9, 2012, she became the target of gunmen from the Taliban, who shot her in the head.

Miraculously, she survived the attack and, at the age of 16, traveled to New York to address the United Nations, delivering an impactful speech.

Malala’s exceptional efforts garnered worldwide recognition. In 2013, TIME Magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world, and the following year, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alongside these prestigious accolades, she has also been honored with the United Nations Human Rights Prize and The Liberty Medal. In 2017, Malala began her studies at Oxford University, and currently residing in Birmingham, she continues to advocate for women’s empowerment and education.

Malala serves as an inspiration for her tireless advocacy of women’s rights and education. Her story exemplifies the theme of fame explored in her book, “I Am Malala,” which emphasizes how prominent individuals, including heroes and role models, can either contribute to societal progress or become a distraction.

Malala’s unwavering courage allows her to fearlessly confront hatred and fight for her convictions. Despite the dangers she faced during the assassination attempt, she remains resolute in her commitment to her cause, serving as an inspiration to people around the world.


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