Jay Shah Announces Laxman, Binny Intervention After Harmanpreet’s Suspension

Harmanpreet Kaur
Harmanpreet Kaur
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Following the finish of the ODI series in Dhaka, the ICC made a move against India’s skipper Harmanpreet Kaur for penetrating the Set of rules on two separate events during the series decider at the Sher-e-Bangla arena.

Her activities brought about a two-match suspension and a fine. The episode occurred three days before the ICC’s true explanation, inciting veteran India cricketers to call for “severe activity” against her from the BCCI. At last, on Thursday, board secretary Jay Shah tended to the circumstance, affirming the board’s position with regards to this issue.

During the third match of the ICC Ladies’ Title series against Bangladesh, Harmanpreet confronted disciplinary ramifications for two separate breaks of the Set of rules. In the primary occasion, she communicated her disappointment by crushing the stumps in the wake of being excused, prompting a Level 2 offense fine and three bad mark focuses.

At the point when examined concerning the explosion, board secretary Jay Shah expressed that the board’s Leader and another noticeable figure would address her with respect to the episode.

Sadly, the ICC’s choice to boycott Harmanpreet for two matches couldn’t be challenged as the allure period had slipped by. Subsequently, she will miss the initial two matches of the impending Asian Games planned for September-October.

Harmanpreet’s activities drew inescapable analysis from cricket veterans, specialists, and fans the same, who communicated their dissatisfaction with regards to her intemperate presentation of outrage during and after the match.

In the 34th over of the subsequent innings, she responded unequivocally to being declared LBW out by crushing the stumps and motioning irately towards the umpire as she left the field. In any event, during the post-match service, she kept on displaying an unsportsmanlike way of behaving and participated in unfortunate behavior with the Bangladeshi skipper.

The occurrence has without a doubt raised concerns and pointed out the significance of keeping up with discipline and sportsmanship on the field.


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