Post Malone RESPONDS He’s NOT On Drugs Amid Concerns!

post malone

Post Malone recently addressed rumors and concerns about his health after videos of him stumbling and struggling on stage went viral online.

During a concert in Memphis, Tennessee, the rapper took a break from his performance to explain to fans that he is not on drugs and is feeling better than ever.

In footage recorded by an attendee, Malone is seen saying,

I’m not on drugs. I feel the best I’ve ever f— ing felt in my life. And that’s why I can bust my ass for these shows and f—ing fall on the floor and do all that fun s—.

The rapper continued by thanking his fans for their love and support and reiterating that he is not taking any drugs.

Speculation about Malone’s health began after videos surfaced online showing him struggling to pick up a microphone, slurring his words, rolling his eyes, and falling on stage.

However, some fans have come to Malone’s defense, saying that these moments are just part of his energetic performances.

Malone’s tour photographer, Adam DeGross, also addressed the rumors on Instagram, saying that

No one is doing drugs and everything is all good.

DeGross went on to explain that Malone caught his foot on the grates of the stage and that he always makes certain faces during certain songs, such as “Rockstar,” which he has done for the last 100 shows.

Overall, it seems that Malone is doing well and that the moments captured in the videos were just part of his lively performances.


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