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Empowering Solutions to Combat Bullying


Today the world has been talking about mental health a lot. Being bullied also leads to mental distress and is less spoken about.

Most of us have been bullied at some point in our lives. It can happen to anyone, mostly during the tender years of life.

People don’t have any idea how their slightest of humor which they think is harmless can pique someone’s self-esteem.

Bullying can lead to self-isolation and social anxiety, which results in the underdevelopment of humans as social animals.

According to data, more than a third of people go on to develop social anxiety and depression as a direct result of bullying.

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It becomes really difficult for many of us to overcome the feeling of worthlessness that develops from being bullied.

Movies so far have taught us enough to help damsels in distress, but it’s high time we acknowledge that only damsels aren’t in distress.

It’s really important on our part to help people who are/were bullied come out of this, with prosocial behavior.

We have come up with solutions to ease your discomfort. Follow up for what you are looking for.

1. Communicate with the Individual

Often, bullies can be the ones who are close to us, like our friends. It doesn’t mean that they do it with intention or that they aren’t good enough.

What hurts people differs from person to person. Any comment that one may find offensive or mean doesn’t hold the same significance in someone else’s life.

We all have a different story, in which we have suffered differently.

Just talk to them and let them know whatever has hurt you. If they are genuinely considerate of you, they will surely understand and respect your feelings.

It’s really important to speak about yourself, about what hurts you, and if you don’t, you will end up hurting yourself even more.

2. Take A Stand For Yourself

People often mock others out of fun, unintentionally harming them. It may lead to something more serious, such as depression. This may also sow the seeds of questioning and self-doubt.

If someone makes fun of something you are conscious about, don’t hesitate to reply.

Don’t think that you would sound rude to them. Also, if you don’t take a stand, you will end up regretting not having a Doremon to go back in time and speak your mind and heart out.

And it is not a great human act to remain silent and suffer in the fear that saying such things will hurt them. Remember, it’s not great, but it’s a personality crisis.

3. Don’t See Yourself As A Problem

We often tend to see ourselves as problems whenever we are teased or bullied.

We may think that whatever he/she said discomforted me but in actuality is the truth.

Don’t ever do this to yourself. You cannot let others’ opinions and remarks control your emotions and your opinions about yourself.

You know yourself more than anyone else out there. Don’t let baseless criticism and mocking plunder your life and mental health.

Self-assurance and self-love are the keys, you see.

4. Surround yourself with people who make you feel at ease

Be around your closest friends when you don’t feel that good or feel low.

Being around people you are comfortable with and can surely rely upon brings you happiness and relief.

It’s advisable to share good company for the smooth functioning of your mind.

Everyday is not the same; some days might feel heavier than others, but you don’t have to let this heaviness overpower you.

Talk and discuss more often to overcome it faster. Also, anyone won’t bully you when you’re in a group.

5. Let Go of Whatever Happened

You might have had past experiences of being bullied, and they must have been awful, no less than any nightmare.

I know it’s difficult to make them vanish at once. But you can’t let the horrors of the past still haunt and affect you.

As this is your life, your future, and your choices, empower yourself and reclaim control.

You may need some time, but if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish your objectives.

Healing takes time, but you have to stay strong. Holding onto the past won’t give you anything but deepen the scars.

6. Conculsion

It’s really important to stay positive on your journey to overcome the hurdles of life. Help others who have had the same experience as yours; this will result in greater satisfaction and more self-appreciation.


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