‘Fez’ from Euphoria dies at 25.

Angus Cloud
Angus Cloud
Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

Angus Cloud, well known for his depiction of Fezco in the famous HBO series “Euphoria,” unfortunately died at his family’s home in Oakland, California on July 31.

The news was affirmed by his lamenting family, who described Angus as a phenomenal person, a craftsman, a companion, a sibling, and a child who held an exceptional spot in their souls. Angus experienced a profound loss when his father passed away a week earlier, and this heartbreaking loss came just one week later.

Angus was not bashful about examining his battles with psychological wellness, and his family trusts that his troublesome passing fills in as a suggestion to others that they are in good company and ought to look for help as opposed to doing combating their devils peacefully.

They find comfort in the possibility that Angus is presently rejoined with his cherished dad, whom he thought about his closest companion.

Associated with his humor, giggling, and authentic love for individuals, Angus’ effect on the world will be treasured. Right after this staggering occasion, the family mentioned protection as they adapt to their huge despondency.

On Instagram, HBO, the network that produces “Euphoria,” expressed its sorrow over Angus’s passing, recognizing his tremendous talent and his cherished place in the family of the show. His role as Fez, who was a breakout star, was even given more screen time in the second season.

Unexpectedly, Angus had never imagined himself as an entertainer or a star. He worked at a chicken and waffle joint before starting his acting career, where he met a casting company agent who changed his life forever. This drove him to land the job of Fez, which eventually impelled him to popularity.

Euphoria” acquired colossal fame after its presentation in June 2019, becoming one of the most tweeted-about Network programs of the 10 years in the US by 2022. Notwithstanding allegations that the show celebrated drug use, Angus protected its storyline, communicating his obligation to depicting the person honestly.

Numerous friends and co-stars, including Sydney Martin and Javon “Wanna” Walton, offered sincere condolences and paid tribute to Angus’ memory on social media following his passing.

While the reason for Angus’ passing has not been authoritatively uncovered, there were reports of a “health related crisis” at his home, with the chance of a “potential excess” being referenced.

A source near the family uncovered that Angus had been fighting extreme self-destructive considerations following his return from Ireland after his dad’s entombment.

Angus Cloud’s unfavorable takeoff has left a void in the hearts of many, as he was a capable entertainer as well as a darling and loved person. His work and inheritance will keep on resounding, doing right by Oakland and the diversion world. He will be missed.


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