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How Emotional People Are Different And Why They Are So ?

Emotional People

Alright, let’s dive into the real deal of how emotional folks are different from those who kinda keep a lid on it. You know, it’s like comparing a fireworks show to a calm sunset. Here take a dig at the subject, “Emotional People

1. Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster

So, emotional peeps, they’re like the drama queens (no offense!). Happy moments? They’re over the moon. Sad times? Grab the tissues, it’s a waterfall of tears. Love? It’s like a heart explosion. On the flip side, less emotional folks, they’re the cool cats, not showing their cards too much. Emotions are more like background music – there, but not stealing the spotlight.

2. Feeling the Feels Together

Empathy, oh boy! Emotional folks are like emotional sponges. Someone’s sad, they feel the sadness too. It’s like an emotional tag-along. Less emotional peeps, they get it, but it’s not like they’re jumping on the same emotional trampoline. More like a nod of understanding without the full emotional orchestra.

3. Express Yourself, Don’t Suppress Yourself

Expressing emotions? Emotional folks are like open books. You can read them from a mile away. Laughter, tears, the whole shebang. It’s a lively emotional parade. But the less emotional crew? They’re more poker-faced. You won’t see the emotional fireworks on display. It’s all kept under wraps, like a secret emotion club.

4. Gut Feelings or Spreadsheet Decisions

Decision time! For the emotional bunch, it’s all about vibes and gut feelings. Intuition is their co-pilot, guiding them through choices like a GPS. But the less emotional gang? They’re the calculators. Logic, data, and reasoning are their trusty sidekicks. Decisions are made with the precision of a well-tuned machine.

5. Handling Life’s Curveballs

Life’s challenges hit, and emotional folks? It’s an emotional rollercoaster. Highs and lows, loop-de-loops of feelings. Coping might involve a good chat, a hearty cry, or diving into some artsy outlet. Now, less emotional folks? They’re the calm in the storm. Challenges are tackled with a stoic resolve. No emotional turbulence – just steady sailing.

6. Love and Relationships

In the love game, emotional folks are all about that deep connection. It’s like love on steroids –passionate, intense, and full of heart emojis. On the other side, less emotional peeps bring stability. Their love is like a cozy blanket – warm and comforting. They might not shout it from the rooftops, but it’s there, steady and reliable.

7. Stress, the Unwanted Visitor

Stress knocks on the door, and for emotional folks, it’s like an unwelcome guest crashing the emotional party. Physically and emotionally felt, it’s a whole event. Coping might involve venting, maybe a bit of stress-eating. Now, less emotional crew? Stress is acknowledged, but it doesn’t get the VIP treatment. They handle it with a calm demeanor and a strategic game plan.

So, why are you riding the emotional rollercoaster? Let’s break it down, no fancy jargon, just real-life reasons:

1. Blame It on the Genes

First up, genetics. Turns out, if your folks are emotional, you might be too. It’s like inheriting a family heirloom of feelings. So, if your mom sobs during every rom-com, you can thank her for your emotional cinema experience. 

2. Junk Food Blues

Next on the list – junk food. Stressful day? Sad vibes? Grabbing that bag of chips might seem like a quick fix. Science says our brains crave fat and sugar, especially when we’re feeling low. But here’s the kicker – it’s a short-term win, leading to a long-term risk of obesity and a potential mood rollercoaster.

3. Grief, the Uninvited Guest

Grief is that unexpected visitor who overstays their welcome. It doesn’t follow our plans; it does its thing whenever it pleases. Maybe you felt okay after the condolences, then bam! Reality hits, and you’re deep in the grief zone. Thanks, life.

4. Food and Mood Tango

Ever heard that food affects your mood? Yeah, it’s not just a saying. Crushing a bag of gummy candy might shut down your brain after a stressful meeting (been there!), but healthy, whole foods? They’re the real mood boosters. So, next time you’re feeling all sorts of emotions, check your plate – it might be pulling the strings. 

5. Loneliness Sucks 

Now, human connection. Whether you’re stuck in a toxic relationship or doing the solo gig, missing that real connection messes with your mood. Loneliness shouts, “Hey, notice me!” If you’re drowning in emotions, surround yourself with good peeps. Studies shout out the power of adult-to-adult talks, parent-to-child heart-to-hearts, and even sibling chats. They’re like emotional vitamins – necessary for your well-being.

So, there you have it – the everyday reasons for your emotional people. Blame it on genes, junk food, grief, your dinner choices, or just loneliness. Life’s a wild ride, and emotions? They’re the unpredictable co-pilots.


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